Summer is officially in full swing and that means so is grilling season.
There is actually one food, that, while seemingly simple, can cause tons of issues during grilling season: burgers.Sure, burgers are a simple food and everyone has their own unique take on how to make them, but there are a few simple mistakes that we’ve all made before that are best to avoid in order to create your best at-home burger.
Here are five common burger mistakes and how to best avoid them.
1. Don't: Forget to clean and oil your grill first.
Before you do anything else, give your grill a thorough once over and thoroughly clean the grates. Clean, well-oiled grates mean that less sticking of meat to metal will occur and your burgers will both remain in tact and take on a bit of char as well during the cooking process.
2. Don't use Ultra lean meat.
When it comes to beef, fat means flavor and juiciness, both of which you want in your burgers. As such, you want to aim for a lean-to-fat ratio between 80/20 and 75/25.
3. Don’t: Skimp on your meat.
Your burger shouldn't require more than three ingredients (beef, salt and pepper) to taste great and the best way to ensure that is to avoid bargain basement beef.
4. Don’t: Pack your burgers too tight.
It's best to error on the side of your burgers being too thin vs. too thick.
5. Don't: Touch your burgers when they're on the grill.
Leave your burgers alone. Your burgers are safe on the grill; once you place them onto the grates, simply let them cook in peace. No need to prod, poke or constantly flip them. Depending on how thick your patties are, they’ll only require 2-4 minutes per side

I hope these tips will help you make the 'best' burgers that you have ever made.


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