Today, one of the largest Easter egg hunt in metro Tuscaloosa took place in the field at Tuscaloosa County High.

Egg the City boasted of 50,000 treat-filled eggs for all children up to 5th grade. Hunts took place in waves, to give all children an opportunity to participate and to gather eggs with children of similar age.

Upon arrival, guests were met with pertinent information including a map of stations surrounding the egg field as well as raffle tickets for prizes like bicycles and large, standing Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle figures.


Everything was organized perfectly,  from the Lost and Found and First Aid booth to the train rides, face painting,  tattoo stand, hot dogs and drinks,  cotton candy, snow cones, petting zoo, and bouncy houses.

EVERYTHING was free!

The only event in recent years to which Egg the City could be compared would be Easter Fest, which had been put on by First Wesleyan Church. However,  this year, the church decided to allocate those funds for other projects.

Egg the City was put on by the Word Community Church, which appeared to be warm and welcoming. The announcer repeatedly stated that the church would love for today's attendees to join them for a service and that "We don't care what you wear; we just care that you're there.

It's almost certain their sanctuary will be filled in weeks to come!

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