This week's episode of Empire dropped a lot of surprises including one we never saw coming.

Jamal is currently a wanted man after beating Warren to a bloody pulp. Warren is tucked away somewhere in New York City hoping the Lyons can't find him to avenge the heartbreak he caused Cookie's middle cub. Thanks to Thirsty, Jamal has until the end of the day to turn himself into the police instead of being dragged in with handcuffs.

Cookie and Lucious know Diana DuBois is trying to tear their family apart—by any means necessary. Lucious is finding balance between Dwight Walker and Lucious Lyon, and responds with psychological warfare instead of an all out war. Cookie informs his family that, "this woman does have a pattern."

"She tries to go to your heart and bypass your brain," Cookie warns.

The Lyons know how Diana sunk her claws into Hakeem and now they know how she got to Jamal, but they don't know how she's going to attack Andre.

Andre has secrets, but he's not sharing. Lucious can tell Andre is hiding something, so he asks Thirsty to step in and do some investigating into Andre's daily movements. And now that Andre knows Diana DuBois is using loved ones to hurt him and his brothers, he goes to confront the one who has his heart— the first woman he's felt anything for since Rhonda. He accuses her of collusion and betrayal, and demands to know how she's involved with Ms. DuBois. Detective Pamela Rose is upset that Andre would accuse her of working with people that she doesn't even know to destroy him— and rightfully so. She then makes her stage left exit from the restaurant.

Meanwhile, Thirsty is watching the entire incident take place from the shadows, where he typically lurks, and tells Lucious to meet him at Bryant Park immediately. Lucious and Thirsty sit down with Andre and want to know what's going on and why he made such a scene. He tells them that he finally found somebody to love, but didn't know how to tell the family because she's a cop. Dwight's persona kicks in, and Lucious tells Andre that he would love to meet her. But there's one problem, Pamela's no longer answering any of Andre's phone calls. He calls and calls and calls, but there's no answer—until she shows up at his door.

Pamela angrily enters Andre's apartment, screaming about the fact that she shared her biggest secret with him: she murdered Marlo Jones. After getting Pamela to calm down and listen to him, Andre confesses that he's the one who tried to kill his father. And in a twisted turn of events, Detective Rose simply laughs in Andre's face. She tells him that he has to be the dumbest criminal alive because she's known everything the entire time. She goes on to inform him that she's not really NYPD but Vegas Metro police, and she's been working undercover to catch him.

Andre loses his mind, Detective Rose pulls out a gun, and they embark on a violent dance of power throughout the apartment. Eventually, Andre winds up strangling her to death. But it wasn't on purpose.

While Andre is breaking down, Thirsty tells Cookie and Lucious that the NYPD has never employed a detective named Pamela Rose. They try calling Andre, but he won't answer. So, they jump in the car and speed over to the city to protect their son. When they arrive, Andre repeatedly says, "I'm sorry," and tells them he killed Pamela. He keeps pointing to her body, but Cookie and Lucious don't see anything. It takes a moment to set in, but Andre has been hallucinating Detective Rose this entire time. He didn't kill her. Her dead body was not laying in the middle of his floor. She doesn't exist. And this is when Cookie realizes how "that bitch" was going to get to Andre.

Diana DuBois has been paying off Andre's therapist to put him on various medications that would alter his state of mind, making him see things that weren't really there and telling secrets he would never remembered he told. Talk about psychological warfare.

As Andre is having a breakdown, Cookie has flashbacks to her time in prison when her friend Poundcake was having a baby after being raped by a C.O. After giving birth, the C.O. put Poundcake in solitary confinement and forced her to sign her parental rights away. Cookie saw the heartbreak on her face and vowed to take down the officer who took her child way; just like she plans on taking down Diana DuBois for messing with her cubs.

Hakeem is barely keeping things together now that he's lost custody of his daughter and his girl. He visits the studio to try to make things right with Tiana, but she doesn't want to hear anything he has to say. Shine happens to be in the studio, and Hakeem turns to him and says this industry never brings anything good. Shine tells him to go with him for a ride, and Shine takes him to his home with his multiple children and mothers of children all getting along as one. They're happy, so he's happy.

Shine explains that nothing should get in the way of a father and his children. So, Hakeem takes heed to that advice and goes to see Bella. Unfortunately, Anika isn't home; thus, neither is Bella. In fact, Hakeems finds out that Anika and Bella are now living with Angelo DuBois, which means he's going to have to get very crafty if he wants to lay eyes on his daughter again.

There's only one episode left until we're all left hanging, so don't miss it.


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