Several media outlets are reporting that Empire star Jussie Smollet is currently hospitalized in Chicago after allegedly being brutality attacked by two white-men that were wearing masks outside of a Subway restaurant.

It's being reported that Jussie was leaving the sandwich shop at 2 AM in the morning and that is when he was approached by these two masked white men.

One of them yelled  "Aren't you that f***ot 'Empire' n*****?" according to a source close to Smollet. The two men jumped Smollet, breaking a rib,  beat him up, put his head in a noose and screamed, "This is MAGA country."

Eight days prior, he received hate mail, the envelope the letter arrived in appears to say MAGA in the upper left corner.

Chicago PD says they're investigating the attack as a possible hate crime, and they are looking for any video.

Will keep y'all updated.