According to authorities in Tennessee, an inmate who has escaped multiple times has escaped once again and he could pose a threat to Alabamians.

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WKRG reports that 48-year-old Johnny Lewis Payne recently escaped from custody while being transferred to the Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute.

Where the escaped inmate could be headed is the most shocking part of it all.

According to WKRG, Payne escaped from an Alabama facility on June 2 while serving a 20-year sentence for receiving stolen property. WKRG says that Payne could be in Alabama right now.

Please be careful and make sure you warn your friends and family about this escaped inmate.

Jackson County Sherriff's Office
Jackson County Sherriff's Office

His past charges include carjacking, receiving stolen property, and stealing a city truck in Elba.

WKRG reports that Payne stole a water truck from a construction site and drove it to Marion County, Tennessee from Talladega.

The Alabama Department of corrections reports Payne to be a bald white male, standing around 5'9, weighing about 170 pounds with blue eyes.

If you have any information on Johnny Payne's whereabouts, ADOC asks that you contact your local law enforcement agency, the Marion County Sheriff's Office, or ADOC at (800) 831-8825.

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