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Yellowhammer State is filled with great African American leaders from the past, present, and future. We thank our West Alabama community partners, the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity, Incorporated, Delta Phi Lambda Chapter, and the Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Incorporated, Eta Xi Omega Chapter, for their continued support.

Black History Maker of Alabama - Alphonzo Morton, III

Black History Makers of 2024
Alphonzo Morton, III

Alphonzo Morton, III, hails from the charming town of Eutaw, Alabama, and proudly calls Tuscaloosa, Alabama, his home. He has been married to his beloved wife, Shante Morton, for almost 20 years and enjoys life with their four beautiful children: Llyas, Shineequa, Justin Taylor, and Alphonzo IV.

Morton graduated from Eutaw High School in 1999 and furthered his academic journey by obtaining a Bachelor of Science in Biology from Stillman College in 2003. His pursuit of knowledge continued as he completed a Master of Education degree focusing on Biology at the University of West Alabama in 2007.

Believing in commitment to the community, Morton is extremely active within the religious, civic, and community sectors. He serves as an Elder at the Impact Nation Fellowship Church in Tuscaloosa, Alabama, where he has been a member for approximately 24 years. In addition, he is a member of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity Inc. - Northport Alumni Chapter, a member of the National Education Association, a member of the Alabama Education Association, and co-coordinator of the Harambe Chapter of 21st Century Youth Leadership Organization.

His unwavering dedication has been honored through the prestigious Alabama State University's Teacher Wall Award and the esteemed Fred Shuttlesworth's Freedom Award, acknowledging his exceptional impact on the youth within the community.

Currently, he serves as the Interim Principal at Aliceville Elementary in Aliceville, Alabama. With a steadfast commitment to education, he has dedicated three years to the Pickens County School System, bringing valuable expertise as an administrator.

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Having previously served as the science department chair at Greene County High School for 17 years, he brings a wealth of experience in education. Additionally, he contributed to the academic community as an adjunct professor at the University of West Alabama, instructing on science teaching methods for 3 years.

“Black history is the untold American history that liberates a race of people who had no desire or choice to be taken from their native land. They were forced to live, work, and die for a country that often does not even remember their names. Black history is the untold story celebrated one month out of the year to remind a nation of how far they have traveled. It is the hope that our connection to our roots motivates us as a people to strive towards becoming and or being the Kings and Queens that our heritage houses. Black history is also everyone’s history because many races involved in the fight for equality continue today. So, as we celebrate black history and the many contributions African Americans have made to America, we also celebrate and honor the strength we continue to exhibit as a race making substantial gains in our present.”

Morton has achieved recognition as a contracted and published model, establishing himself as a professional stylist. His love of fashion has been a lifelong pursuit since his early years. He embarked on his journey with over two decades of experience, gracing the stages of renowned figures such as Reco Chapple, Kenyetta Sway Smiley, Perry Varner, Joe Howard, James C. Lewis, and Saks Fifth Avenue.

He graced the campaign for Antonio Paolo Sadio's winter 2014 apparel collection, embodying the essence of the brand. One of his remarkable milestones in the fashion industry includes a prominent feature in the September 2017 edition of Esquire Magazine.

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Transitioning from his modeling career, he has evolved into a distinguished professional stylist and currently holds the esteemed CEO position at AM3 Enterprises LLC. Click here to find him at and

“Black History reminds me of the Sankofa Bird. Black History is our present-day look into our past, where we gain confidence and strength from our ancestors. Through such strength, we can continue to move forward, conquering all obstacles that may arise.”

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