My friend from college came in town this weekend to visit me. Tuscaloosa is known for their winning university football team. So, I made it my mission to also show her what else Tuscaloosa has to offer.

On Friday night, we had dinner at FIVE ( I'm starting to fall in love with that place). We got drinks at surrounding bars and vibed at Roxy's.

Saturday morning, I called up another one of my friends to give me and her a Tuscaloosa tour. We started out with an early lunch at Thomas Rib Shack - amazing food!

Then we drove through Stillman and University of Alabama's campus.

We then decided to check out the golf course on the westside, The Dam, and a couple of more places. All these places have seem to have loss their flare, and have not been properly taken care of.

We then drove out to the Yacht Club and Deerlick Park. We had a great time, until we drove pass a house with a noose hanging from it. It was one of the most uncomfortable feelings I've ever had. We quickly made a U-turn and drove back to the city.

I know we live in the south, but some things I would think we not have to see in 2017.

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