Losing a loved one is always a tough pill to swallow.  It's even harder when that life was taken by another. Add to that a known disability and the death being at the hands of law enforcement, and there's more than enough to cause controversy.

The following was made public in a press release:

On August 28, 2019Wallace Wilder, 62, was killed by members of the Pickens County Sheriff Department at his home in Gordo, AL.  Mr. Wilder was a mentally disabled citizen of Pickens County and was well known to law enforcement.

The Gordo Police was called to do a wellness check on Mr. Wilder; however, the Pickens County Sheriff Department arrived on the scene and caused the death of Mr. Wilder.  Four months have passed and the family still do not know what happened to their love one…other than that he is deceased.   The family has many questions, but no answers.  The local police, nor the sheriff, nor the DA, nor the State AG Office, nor the ABI have been able to provide answers to their questions. The public and family members seek answers to his death.

Local chapters of the NAACP are involved in the investigation into this case.  A press conference on the incident was held Thursday.

By all accounts of those who knew Wilder well, he was a friendly man who had no enemies. So, it is questionable how a wellness check resulted in his death.

Until the family is provided with suitable answers, it will continue to fight for justice. So, remember the name "Wallace Wilder."  You'll undoubtedly hear it again.

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