Other than receiving candy, what's the next best thing about Halloween? Being scared, of course!... Well, being scared when you know there's no real threat of danger, that is.

Haunted houses, hay rides, and things of the sort are quite popular in the month of October. People actually pay to be freaked out of their minds, and they sometimes go from one "haunted" exhibit to the next in effort of capturing a glimpse into mayhem without actually walking on the dark side.

There are many homes and buildings in West Alabama which are rumored to be haunted. However, the scariest places are those that bring about a bit of apprehension even in the daylight, such as farms!

If there's ever a barn in a movie, the killer or some deranged animal is always inside. So, we all know to enter the barn slowly, watching for killers and hay-hidden snakes. We've seen people get lost in corn fields only to run into the people from whom they're running.

Yes, farms are very scary places! Can you imagine visiting one at night?

Nightmare at the Farm runs every weekend through Halloween. Attendees are encouraged to park at Nelson Funeral Home in Fayette. From there, the fun begins an includes everything nightmares are made of... including clowns.`

The farm can't be too scary, though, as it is said to be welcoming to adults and children alike.

For more information to share with someone to take to the farm with you, click here.

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