It's never a good thing when people react to each other with violence. However, in the case of the fight at Dollar Tree in Tuscaloosa, there is a silver lining: the fight ended quickly, and no one lost her life.

In a post that is circulating through Facebook, it appears that a store employee was involved in an altercation that occurred with two others, who left the store once the fight was over.

(Warning: Strong language. Not suitable for children or work.)

One person involved in the fight appears to be wearing a mask; and this clearly occurred in front of at least one child, who is heard crying in the background.

It's a shame that such activity is so commonplace these days. There used to be a time when people were "respectful" about fighting, if such a description exists. Why go to a person's job, or if you're already there when the altercation begins, why not say, "I'll be here when you get off?" What ever happened to "You're lucky these kids are here," or better yet "You're not even worth it?" Usually, these small delays result in tempers cooling and disagreements fizzling out.

Luckily, it took place in the front of the store where there wasn't much to be damaged. While I want to be completely serious about  my disgust, this comment made me laugh.

(Screenshot from Facebook post)
(Screenshot from Facebook post)

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