<> at Benoit Bistro on October 12, 2017 in New York City.
Astrid Stawiarz


Have you've ever had food poisoning before and blamed it on something you ate that day.  Maybe you even called up a restaurant and not only blamed them but cursed them out! Well, before you go any further, a new research is saying, you may want to check your kitchen first!  . .

The American Society for Microbiology just had its annual meeting in Atlanta, one of the studies that was presented found it's very possible to get food poisoning from your dish towels!

Researchers looked at 100 towels after they had been used for at least one month straight, guess what, half of them had a dangerous level of bacteria on them! If you wash your hands and dry them on the same towel you dry your dishes on, then the chances of you having bacteria maybe increased!

One way to lower your risk is use paper towels and wash your dish towels more often!