Southview Elementary's fourth graders are collecting cans of Campbell's soup.  These cans will eventually make it to a soup kitchen, but their immediate use is something much more fun.

An engineer is working with the fourth grade students on  a canstruction project.  No, not CONstruction. CANstruction!  You can probably imagine what that means based on the structure of the word; but just in case you don't know, look at these.

Seal balancing a ball, constructed out of cans (astepqueen Instagram)

Neat! Right? How'd they get the tail to do that?

Football canstruction (stuckeyduck Instagram)


Some of the designs people have constructed using cans are absolutely amazing!

I wonder if the car is hollow in the middle or what is holding up the top. Either way, these are pretty impressive. (bsenamontree Instagram)

Take a bite out of this one!

Eaten apple canstruction (jennyapowers Instagram)

Now, if you're a parent/grandparent of a young child, you're going to love the next two!

It's Olaf! (lecturagram Instagram)
MINIONS!!! (lambtonmall Instagram)


I'm almost certain all of these were made by professionals instead of fourth graders, but it will be interesting to see what the engineer has in store for the students at Southview Elementary. REMEMBER: They need Campbell's soup donations.

Upon completion of the project, the soups will be donated to the West Alabama food bank.  Who knew cans of soup could be both educational and community service? Awesome!