When I went to lunch today, I realized my daughter left her cup in my car. I'd been meaning to tell you about this cup all week! It's been a huge blessing.

I don't know about other parents, but keeping my daughter hydrated is important to me, especially since she's quite physically active.  Unfortunately, water is not one of her favorite things to drink. So, I thought that she could possibly be like me.  For some reason, I drink more water when I have "my water cup" nearby.

So last weekend before we hit the road, I bought her this Thermos FUNtainer from Walmart.  It holds 12 oz; and while it's not suitable for hot liquids, it claims to keep drinks cool for 12 hours. I wanted to test that theory.

After washing her cup, I gave her something to drink in it. When it was about halfway, I stopped by the service station in Tuscaloosa and filled the rest of the cup with ice. This was roughly 10:30am. We drove to Destin, checked into our hotel room, and hung out on the beach. We watched people hunt for hermit crabs while eating pizza late that night, approximately 12 hours after leaving Tuscaloosa. I checked my daughter's cup.  Lo and behold, she'd drank all the liquid and there was still a little ice in the cup. No doubt about it, if I'd filled it with ice first, there would have been plenty left.

Since coming home, I fill her cup with ice and water. The novelty of the cup alone makes her want to drink out of it.  She wants to pour EVERYTHING into this cup. I don't mind because it's spill proof! This means it significantly decreases the chances of creating a situation where I have to scrub upholstery. This is one of the best $9 I've ever spent!

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