As part of my week off, I'd planned to take my daughter to Geyser Falls for a day. After talking to my sister-in-law, we decided we'd go today since tickets were practically less than 50%.

I woke up this morning and excitedly texted my cousin, asking her if she wanted to meet us there. (She lives in the area, but we only see each other once every year or two.) She informed me that her daughter was already there, as there was a limit on how many people could be in the park. So, I called the park and was told the line was extremely long although the park wasn't open yet.

I called my sister-in-law and we decided to wait to another day, as we hadn't even left Tuscaloosa yet. Boy am I glad we did!

(Credit: Jeanne Julius Tate/Facebook)
(Credit: Jeanne Julius Tate/Facebook)

I would have been quite upset if I had gone all the way there and couldn't get in. Oh well. We'll enjoy it another day. We'd planned to be back in time for the City of Tuscaloosa festivities. Now, there's no press for time.

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