Most people from larger metropolitan areas have questioned why Tuscaloosa doesn’t have many sidewalks.  Some of the newer developments do, and there are sidewalks downtown, of course. However, not many residential areas or roadways are suitable for walking without risk of being hit by a vehicle.

But that’s a different conversation for a different day. Today’s topic is something different: basements!

As a Chicago native, I initially thought basements were a given.  The majority of homes I’d visited had basements. As a matter of fact, a vast majority had multiple floors, from split level plans to a main level with a floor above, but they usually had basements.

When we moved to Alabama, I found it strange that so many tornadoes came each year, and many people have been killed in severe weather incidents, but nobody seemed to have a basement.

I’ve had a longtime fascination with real estate and check for new listings daily. (Don’t ask me why. I’m not looking to buy. Just curious.)

Right now, of the 900 listings in Tuscaloosa, only 26 have a basement. Of course, I had to find out why!

Turns out, it isn’t just Tuscaloosa (of course you already knew that), but apparently, the reason most homes in the South don’t have basements is because of the soil. It is said that our soil is too damp and that we have too much water in the ground to make basements feasible. It’s either that the soil is too damp or the clap composition possibly makes basements dangerous!

Who knew?

What we’d normally consider a safe place can actually be dangerous because of the dirt surrounding it. Interesting. Read more here.

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