Everyone that knows me, know that my sense of direction is awful!! So awful that I use a GPS WHEREVER I go!  Yes, even here in Tuscaloosa!  I can get to work and  home with no's just anywhere else!

So with that being said, I'm sure if I have somewhere to go, especially tomorrow, I'm probably going to let my boyfriend drive!

Why you ask?  The global positioning satellite network will reset!

The Global Positioning Satellite, known to you as the GPS uses a week counter to calculate the appropriate date. The week counter uses 10 bits and need to be reset every 1,024 weeks, that's about every 20 years.

Tomorrow, the first Saturday in April, the GPS counter will reset to zero.You may have a glitch or two, especially if you have an older model GPS. The good thing is that this probably won't happen again in our lifetime.  The GPS week counter will change from the 10 bits it uses to 13 bits, which means there won't be another roll over  for another 157 years!

So, if you're traveling this weekend, especially tomorrow, do it the old school way, get a map!


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