The holiday season is here and that comes with lots of family, friends, fun, and food. Honestly, as I write this I can’t recall any holiday with my family that is not centered around fellowship with food.

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Here we are at Thanksgiving. Probably the most loaded-down food holiday ever. I know for my circle, we cook like we are feeding 25 people. It’s totally wrong but we do it. (I feel you judging but it’s ok).

According to Kuru Footwear, “different people have varying nutrition needs, but 2,000 calories in a day is a general baseline. We analyzed some of the most popular Thanksgiving dishes and found the average American could consume more like 3,408 calories on Turkey day. That’s 170% more than the recommended amount.”


The Big Gobble Gobble Question

How many steps do you need to walk to burn off that Thanksgiving Meal?

Let’s just say, you will be walking for a long time.

Close up shoot of a woman's running shoes in the nature.

If you wanted to walk off your entire Thanksgiving meal, it'd take a staggering 76,397 to do it. The number of steps in a mile varies by person, but using an average 2 miles for every 5,000 steps that would be more than 30 miles of walking,” said Kuru Footwear.

I don’t know about you but 30 miles of walking is a huge undertaking. But, you can get your holiday steps done at some great parks in Tuscaloosa County Alabama to get those steps in!

(Source) Click here for more from Kuru Footwear.

Great Tuscaloosa County Parks to Walk Off Thanksgiving Calories

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