Today is National Weather Person's Day which recognizes individuals in the fields of meteorology, weather forecasting and broadcast meteorology.

The day also recognizes volunteer storm spotters. It's observed, primarily in the US, on the birthday of John Jeffries, one of the United States' first weather observers who took daily measurements starting in 1774.

I think no one is more deserving and a big happy National Weatherperson's Day hug than our James Spann.

The weather can effect our lives dramatically. Each day, we turn on the TV or radio and get an updated forecast that will ultimately play a roll in how we live our lives over the 12 or 24 hour period following. We get the latest on storm activity and temperatures that will determine how we dress, where our animals will sleep, if we'll be able to wash our car, or if the fish are biting.

We become comfortable and trustworthy of our weatherperson. They're trained to keep us safe and informed. Their voice and delivery have an effect on just how relaxed or panicked we need to be.

James Spann began his career on the radio in Tuscaloosa back in 1973 and started his television career in 1978. Along with being Chief Meteorologist with ABC 33/40 in Birmingham since 1996, Spann is also the founder of The Weather Factory, host of a weekly weather podcast called WeatherBrains and can be heard daily on radio stations all over Alabama, Texas and Arizona.

For most us in West Alabama, Spann and his suspenders are almost always the first thing we think of when we wonder what the weather is going to do the next day. It sometimes seems like he has a direct line to Mother Nature.

For your years of service in making sure we know what to wear when leaving the house, keeping us safe when severe weather strikes and for making sure we know whether to relax or take cover, we thank you. Happy National Weather Person's Day James Spann.

If you'd like to interact with James Spann, click here and visit his website.

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