Many people are out of town this week due to Spring Break. Some criminals are taking advantage of this break, and breaking into homes.Tuscaloosa police are now searching for the man pictured above, and they have questions.

On Tuesday night he broke into a building on the 100th block of 39th St. He not only stole backpacks,television and electronic items, but someone's sense of privacy and safety.

The Tuscaloosa police are now asking the community for help to find this man and the items he stole.

Here are some tips to follow when going out of town:

1. Have a trusted friend come by your house while you're away to make sure everything is locked up and has not been broken into.

2. If you're leaving for longer than a week or two, let police know.

3. Don't let too many people know you're going out of town, especially if a lot of people know where you live.

4.Move valuable items out of plain sight.

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