Today, I came across a post on Facebook that made me furrow my brows a bit.

Getty Images/EyeEm
Getty Images/EyeEm

Considering the fact that I'm a single parent of a little girl, I get the whole concept of creating a "mini me," but I think  that involves seeing my daughter do things I did or would have done at her age.  I'm certainly not looking for her to grow up too fast.  I already think most children today lose their innocence too soon.

I will admit that I've bought my daughter a pair of shoes with heels on them.  She is only allowed to wear them in the house, and the reason why I bought them is because I remember being a little girl and walking around the house in my mom's heels. I'm not sure how many I've scuffed, but I know that shoe styles have changed and that if my daughter tried to walk in my shoes today, she'd probably hurt herself.  (I'd also be pretty upset if she broke one of my heels.)

But this latest... I don't even know what to call it.  Hopefully, it's not a trend.

If I'm becoming my mother, I'm okay with it.  I just can't help asking, "WHY?"  I don't think this is sexualizing infants, but why would a child who can't even walk have on a shoe with a heel, no matter how soft it is?


I know parents have a right to give their children whatever they want their children to have, but this is too much. There are already thongs for preteens.  What's next? Infant bras?

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