Miley Cyrus Gold Nails

I've been in Tuscaloosa for well over a year now and I am still having problems finding a nail shop!!

I know my first problem is, I do not have any patience! I can walk up to a nail shop amd see people waiting, I will walk back to my car!

I also know that I love good costumer service. That's another issue. So I was told to try this one nail shop by a co-worker. She said they were reasonable, fast and they did a great job, so I went! They did my nail great, they lady was pretty face and she did exactly what I asked!

Being that I had a good experience, I went back, right before my cruise, I went to get a pedicure and just a file and repaint on my hands....well...things went left. This time a guy did my nails.  Even though I didn't ask for a manicure, he started using those things that looks like wire cutters and started nipping and pulling at skin on my thumb.  I jumped because he nipped me.  He finished and I left.

They the time I left for SC, I noticed that my thumb was really tender.  All weekend it was tender, I knew it was from him nipping me. Well, by Monday, we were getting on the boat to sail off and my finger started turning black! It was hurting for the whole cruise.  Now I'm back and I'm starting to get some feeling in my thumb but it is still swollen and black.

Make sure you are listening when Steve Mezrano comes back in the studio, I will be talking to him about this! Needless to say, I won't be going I need to find another nail shop!