Are you a High School or College student and your looking for a job? Well, there are several employers in Alabama that will not only pay you but will help you with your tuition!

According to AL.COM here are a couple of employers that opened up access to higher education:


Any worker who has worked for Walmart longer than 90 days has access to a nearly tuition-free college experience with The University of Florida, Brandman University, and Bellevue University. The classes would be online and only cost workers $75 per semester. The only catch is workers must be seeking a degree in business or supply-chain management.


Full-time and part-time employees at Chipotle are eligible for $5,250 in tuition assistance as well as steep tuition discounts. Chipotle employees can attend the same universities as Walmart employees, but they can also attend University of Denver and Wilmington University. Some eligible majors of study for Chipotle employees are Nursing, Communication, Graphic Design, Information Technology, Healthcare Management, and Business. With all benefits included, Chipotle advertises total out-of-pocket expenses for employees to be $250 per year.

There's a few more employers, to get the full list,  Click here