As some of you have heard over the radio, I've been battling a cold/flu/sinus bug all week long. I was finally able to get a prescription to treat whatever was making me sound like a man and feel like I needed three months of sleep. I was confident my illness would be gone before this weekend's Katt William's comedy show.

Boy was I wrong.

I got up to the counter to pick up my medicine. The lady asks for my license and I take it out my wallet. She looks at it, because of the state being Florida, I thought she needed to take a moment. She then told me that because my license was bent, she would be unable to fill my prescription. I was hurt.

This morning, I awoke to news that three Georgia residents were arrested yesterday for forging prescriptions at the Walmart in Northport. After the suspects were arrested, police found, marijuana, Xanax, Oxycodone, liquid Codeine, drug paraphernalia, a laptop and portable printer, along with several fake prescriptions and two semiautomatic weapons.

People who commit crimes like those, is the reason that the pharmacist was so hard on me - which I totally understand. Prescription drug abuse effects millions of people worldwide.

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