When you think about Thanksgiving you think about food, fun and relatives. Thanksgiving can be the greatest day of the year when everything goes right.

I know you are saying, what could go wrong. Well right off the top of my mind I can think of a few things that can go wrong. But my biggest pet-peeve is showing up where no one wants to see you.

News flash: The holidays and good food doesn’t fix everything! Think about this. It’s a holiday, family and friends are together to enjoy each other and share wonderful memories. If you know your presence will disturb the atmosphere and put you up in the face of people who don’t like you, just go somewhere else.

Now on the other hand, if you know your family and friends don’t like your guest, don’t invite them. Don’t force them to go and don’t force them on your family and friends. That’s right let them go their way and you go your way and hook up later. If you must spend Thanksgiving with each other and you must see your families too, leave them at home and make a cameo.