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Amanda Cases


When you get frustrated with something or someone.or even being stressed out..what's the first thing you resort to?  Kicking? Cursing? Get Quiet? Food? Crying?


Here we go again with these studies lol.

Well, according to a new study, the average American experiences 1,205 stressful events a year.  That includes everything from sitting in standstill traffic to getting annoyed when your Wi-Fi cuts out.

And guess what our favorite way to express that frustration is by SWEARING. Yup, that's about.The average person drops their first swear word at 10:54 A.M. each day.  And 25% of us don't even make it to NINE.  Here are the top ten things that stress us out on a regular basis . . .


1.  Money.

2.  Not getting enough sleep.

3.  Our health.

4.  Our job.

5.  Our significant other.

6.  Our kids.

7.  Our home life.

8.  Family responsibilities.

9.  The news.

10.  Politics.  And as far as DEALING with all that stress, watching TV and exercising are two of the most popular ways we do it.  But  #1 is listening to music.

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