Beware of Caramel Apples
Beware of Caramel Apples

Being in the military and being in radio, I've traveled a great deal around the United States.  Growing up in New York, we pronounce things a certain way and then coming to the South I have realized the same words were pronounced differently.  That goes for  Different cities as well as streets. The biggest thing I've noticed was food.  Maybe because of where you grew up, or how your parents said them?

So naturally, I looked for a poll to find out how people see things and how was the majority of people saying it.


1.  Do you say PEE-can . . . or peh-CAHN? The Result:  62% say peh-CAHN.


2.  Is it CAR-mull . . . or CARE-uh-mel?   The Result:  57% say it CARE-uh-mel.


3.  MAN-aise . . . or MAY-oh-naise?     The Result:  It's close, but 52% say MAN-aise.


4.  ALL-mund . . . or AH-mund?             The Result:  79% DO pronounce the "L."


5.  Milk . . . or MELK?

The Result:  Only 8% say it like there's an "E" in there.


6.  OR-ange . . . or AHR-ange?

The Result:  89% say OR-ange.


7.  APP-ricot . . . or APE-ricot?

The Result:  64% say APP-ricot.


8.  BAY-gle . . . or BAGGLE.  (???)

The Obvious Result:  95% of people say BAY-gle.

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