Hurricane Florence: 1 Million Ordered to Evacuate
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We are at the peak of  Hurricane Season, it ends the end of October. With that being said,  there's another disturbance near the Gulf of Mexico.

A lot of times can we pack for hurricane and sometimes we leave things out, like a first aid kit, for humans and for pets. Monperishable foods like crackers peanut butter and canned goods but remember with the power out your electric can opener, get manual can opener. think outside the Box a little bit on what you could eat after hurricane even at the power's out. You can also use a grill to cook.

Get both, prescription and over the counter medications fill the prescriptions. Toiletries, toilet paper, babies formula, insect repellent.

Now, when it comes to technology, when your power goes out, your internet's out. People often think about batteries and flashlights but in this Internet age, think mobile devices. A portable USB charger that runs on batteries or one that is solar powered.

ATM's! Power could be out, get cash ahead of time so you can buy things when the credit cards don't work in stores start opening.

You already know to backup your documents on your computer.   Use a fireproof, flood proof container for important documents.

Fill up your gas tank as far in advance as you can get a generator but only operated outdoors.

For the people who can afford it maybe you can help you donate to an organization or give somebody a hand who can't prepare as well as you can.

These are just a few things we tend to forget when preparing for q hurricane.