April 21st is not only A-Day and Lemonade Day, it's also Husband Appreciation Day!

Mekhi Phifer with new wife Reshelet Barnes in the garden of the Montage Hotel in Beverly Hills after getting married
Josephine Santos, Pacific Coast News


Today, while your enjoying Lemonade Day and The Crimson Tide, for A-Day, you also get to show your husband how much you appreciate him! To be totally honest with you, I didn't even know this day existed! The reason might be because I'm not married..Never-the-less, women actually think their husbands do some things right.

So, with today being Husband Appreciation Day, there was a survey done!  According to a poll of more than 1,000 married women, here are the top 10 things they appreciate about their husband.


1.  "He's a hard worker."  69% of married women agreed with that one.

2.  "I can be myself around him," 62%.

3.  "He makes me laugh," 61%.

4.  "He's smart," 56%.

5.  "He's supportive," 52%.

6.  "He's a good dad," 52%.

7.  "He's SEXY," 42%.

8.  "He does the dishes," 33%.

9.  "He's good with money," 31%.

10.  "He buys me things," 29%.


The survey DID also ask what annoys them the most.  The top five answers were not listening . . . snoring . . . other bodily quirks, like nose-picking . . . being a control freak . . . and not doing enough chores.