Birmingham Skyline


They have been talking about it for months now to prepare us for this closure, however, it didn't hit me until now!

If like me, you've been tuning out those commercials, now is the time you need to pay attention, especially if you have to travel to or through Birmingham.

Interstate 59/20 through downtown Birmingham (AKA Malfunction Junction)  will close for 14 months, according to the Alabama Department of Transportation, it will begin in mid- to late-January of 2019. Contractors will start work on a one mile stretch of the interstate bridges that run through the heart of Birmingham.

There are some people that you may work with, that has to commute back and forth each day to Birmingham or even, just passing through, as we do weekly to get to Georgia! We all have to figure out different routes with this closure. If you are going to see Toni Braxton and SWV, this closure will effect you as well!

Can you imagine how that's going to look?  Expect extended bumper to bumper traffic, confusion and unfortunately, more wrecks!  On the business side of it, I'm sure the ones near the construction is in fear of having economic hardships. "I don't really think anybody can fully comprehend the magnitude of what it's going to do," said Edmund Doss, owner of Deep South Freight, a regional shipping company.

Traffic from 59/20 will be diverted to the local roads in Birmingham. Again, this will go on for 14 months!

Here are images of the Detours: Compliments of ALDOT





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