Last weekend, I took a trip to Washington for my cousin's wedding.  While spending time with family and witnessing the exchanging of vows was the main reason for the trip, I knew in my heart of hearts that I would not pass up the chance to visit a dispensary.

The state of Washington has legalized the use of recreational marijuana.  This is not to say that the entire population indulges, but the people there are DEFINITELY easygoing.  Since my cousins' parents are from Chicago and Alabama, his friends and his new wife's family hadn't met much of his. So, everyone at the wedding was warm and welcoming.

We had a blast!

I did every touristy thing that time allowed. So, before we returned home, I asked my cousin to take me to a dispensary.

Now, I've never been a smoker.  I was born with asthma, and the smallest allergen can trigger an attack.  So, I generally stay out of environments where people may be smoking. But somebody told me about the variety of "goods" sold at dispensaries, and I just had to see it for myself.

Upon entrance, our IDs were checked. Then, we were free to browse the selection.  And what a selection there was!!!

I never knew marijuana came in so many strains.  I also didn't know that it could be an ingredient in so many products: from cookies to candies, cupcakes to capsules.  There were chocolates and fruity flavors, coffees and BUDS!  I was just amazed.

We were on our way to the airport. So, purchasing was not an option.  But if you happen to hear that I've moved to Washington, know that I will definitely be at peace with my decision... And if I'm not, I can go to the store and buy my peace.

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