Impossible Question With Mary K – Week of March 16th

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Impossible Question for Monday March 16, 2020

Question: 16% of single Men say this is the 1st thing they look at on a woman’s dating profile-what is it?

Answer: Employment status

Impossible Question for Tuesday March 17, 2020

Question: 38% of people say this is a relationship deal-breaker-what is it?

Answer: Their partner doesn’t like their favorite food!!

 Impossible Question for Wednesday March 18, 2020

Question: 12% of us can’t stop doing this at work-what is it?

Answer: Swearing/Cussing

Impossible Question for Thursday March 19, 2020

Question: This is the #1 way we waste time at work-what is it?

Answer: Talking about the weather

Impossible Question for Friday March 20, 2020

Question: There is a 30% increase in calls about this procedure in the month of March-what is it?

Answer: Vasectomy

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