Not being from the state of Alabama has it's disadvantages, like when a civil group gets together for an event that helps all black communities in the state. One such organization is interesting and that's the State of Black  Alabama Conference and the 10-4 corporation.

The first of the month April 1st, the conference will take place at the Mc Donald Hughes Center 3101 Martin Luther King Blvd.  Leaders in the African American Communities will discuss solutions to problems that affect all communities. Issues discussed will be Economic Development, Politics, Education, Crime, LGBTQ, Self Hatred, Race Relations etc!!!!

The 10-4 Corporation strives to reconcile racially diverse parties and entities to full agreement regarding what is to be done in their communities. Strategic development of commitments regarding mutual forgiveness will be formed to seek forgiveness of any unjust treatment received. Society must be willing to engage in a comprehensive dialogue which will lead to a reflection on what has failed and how to promote racial reconciliation.

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