It's no secret around the office that I love Marvel and Disney. I have an Avengers hat lying around at my house. So in my spare time when I can, I'll go see a Marvel movie with some buddies.

It also helps when you have a family member that works for Disney, so you have to kind of make sure to stay on top of things. Today was Disney Plus day there was a lot to take in.

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I'll be honest, there's a lot that went over my head in terms of announcements, but the big ones were the following for me:

I LOVED the first season of What If...? even though to be completely honest, there were certain things I didn't understand due to not seeing certain movies (don't worry I'm working on it.) The premise has always just intrigued me of one moment in time setting of a completely different chain of events.

A Spider-Man animated series? Sign me up yesterday. This also reminds me to catch up with the new Spider-Man Movies because the new one is coming soon.

Does an animated Groot series really need an explaination? Who doesn't love Groot?

This is right here is the big one for me. Marvel Zombies has always been something I've wanted to learn more about, it's such an interesting concept.

Superheroes become zombies but still retain some knowledge of who they are? How is that not enough to make you wonder about the possibilities.

There's so much they announced today, but those are some of the things I'm truly excited about. Hopefully, they don't catch me streaming shows at work!

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