A lot of people are under the impression that junk drawers are just a "Southern thing", but that could be farthest from the truth.

I am from Tennessee, so I have some skin in the junk drawer being from the South" thing, but I will wager a whole year's worth of paychecks to prove that having a junk drawer is a "People Everywhere" thing!

I have friends from the West Coast who have told me their junk drawer is actually a junk CLOSET (I have one of those, too), or that they have several junk drawers in their homes. In some cases, they admit to having a junk GARAGE. Oh my!

Let's see what I have in my junk drawer:

Lighters, old receipts, decorative napkin ring holders, random buttons, a whole thing of pencils, pens, and sharpies. What else is in there? Only the goddesses of the universe know why I stuffed old restaurant menus in my junk drawer. Most of these restaurants aren't even in business anymore! Was I keeping them as mementos? Like I said, who knows!

What can you do to keep your junk drawer from getting out of control like the way it is now? I have two suggestions, and I am going to try them both:

Tip #1: Buy a tin of cookies, dump the cookies and put everything in your junk drawer inside it. Easy, peasy, quick cleanup!

Royal Dansk cookie tin via Walgreens.com
Royal Dansk cookie tin via Walgreens.com

Tip #2: Watch some various Marie Kondo "Magic of Tidying Up" drawer organizing videos on YouTube. Sometimes, watching other people clean up and organize their sh** helps ME organize MY sh**! I hope it will do the same for you!

To answer the question of whether having a junk drawer is just a Southern thang, IT. IS. NOT.

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