While growing up in Brooklyn, New York hot dogs, we knew as Franks!  On each corner was a frank stand!  I would have to sneak and eat them because my Mom said she never saw them washing their hands so she didn't let us eat from them! They were soooo good! I use to eat them with Ketchup and these onions that you could only get from the frank stands...so I thought!

So with it being National Hot Dog Day, of course I found some surveys and here's the results of a recent survey on America's favorite hot dog TOPPINGS.

Ketchup is the favorite, which isn't that surprising.  It got 25% of the vote. Some would think it is a little surprising that mustard didn't take second, not me, I can't stand mustard!

Here are the top ten



1.  Ketchup.

2.  Chili.

3.  Mustard.

4.  Cheese.

5.  Relish.

6.  Onions.

7.  Sauerkraut.

8.  Mayo.

9.  Jalapeños.

10.  Coleslaw.


A lot of people would think that #10 is very strange but it depends on where you're from!  In Florence, AL, different restaurants sell "Slaw Dogs, yup, coleslaw on top of the hot dog, it was actually pretty good!

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