Happy Margarita Day!!


So how do you plan on celebrating National Margarita day?


Everyone has a preference for how a margarita should be served. It could be blended, with a salted rim, or over ice, or a mixed cocktail. However, if you're looking for something  different, here's a few different ways to enjoy the classic Margarita with a twist!


Coconut Creamsicle Margaritas. With coconut milk, coconut water, orange juice and Grand Marnier, this drink will remind you of childhood treats.

Mojitarita. A cross between the Margarita and Mojito.

Sunburned Strawberry Margarita. A spicy-sweet margarita with jalapeno and strawberry.

Frozen Cotton Candy Margaritas. Made from cotton candy grapes, which apparently actually do taste like cotton candy.


According to a survey,


1.  76% of Americans like margaritas,

2.  Two-thirds of people prefer frozen margaritas to ones on the rocks...as myself!

3.  26% lick the salt off the rim

4.  30% says it's their favorite happy hour drink.

5. 32% of men said margaritas are for girls