Today is one of the most important holidays of the year, well one of them anyway, especially if you are in radio!

Today may not be a holiday that everyone celebrates but if you are in radio, it may mean something to you! Today is National Radio Day.

Being that I love surveys, you know I had to find one for this marvelous occasion!In hnor of National Radio Day, here you go!


1.  71% of people listen to their radio in the car.

2.  Two out of three people listen to the radio every day.

3.  56% of women and 35% of men sing along to the radio.

4.  59% of women and 76% of men are listening when we say "don't touch that dial" . . . and they stay on a station during the commercials.

5.  Get this, almost 9% of people say radio stations don't play enough commercials and should have more. (I would love to know who these people are)



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