As more states legalize the use of medical marijuana, several questions arise, such as license eligibility as well as its sale.

The Alabama Medical Cannabis Commission (AMCC) granted licenses back in June to 21 companies. However, none were issued after discovering problems with how applications were scored.

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Some who didn’t get granted licenses have filed suit in the Montgomery County Circuit Court. In a hearing this week, the court encouraged the State’s attorneys and those representing the cannabis companies to try to reach an agreement.

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When all parties returned to the hearing after meeting privately, they gave a few details and agreed for the temporary injunction on the licensing process to be extended.

As reported by, William Somerville, the attorney representing one of the companies, Alabama Always, shed more light on the resolution.

“We’ve agreed to extend the temporary restraining order. And we’ve also agreed to try to work out a solution to these issues with the Cannabis Commission," Somerville said.

"We’re very hopeful that we can arrive at a process that will be best for everybody involved, including the patients who need medical cannabis.”

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The encouraging feeling was felt on the side of the State’s attorney as well.

Per's reporting,  AMCC attorney William Webster said, “We did talk some procedural things today about how this is going to work, how it might work, some ideas that people have for the commission’s consideration, So, we’re encouraged that people are talking and maybe we can get this medical cannabis out for the people of the state of Alabama quicker by doing this.”

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In an August meeting, the AMCC stated their scoring errors in the process had been corrected and awarded a license to 24 companies - many of which were approved the first time in June. Both parties are scheduled to meet again on Monday for further discussion.

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