It's one thing to be a die hard Bama fan, but being such should never cause your child to be embarrassed or to feel like he has to choose between his parent and what's best for his future. This is exactly what happened with Jacob Copeland, and unfortunately, the world was the audience.


Regardless of her reason for walking out, it was tacky! Plain and simple.

Perhaps she felt like Alabama would have been a better choice, considering his skill set. Maybe other schools offered more scholarship funds. There's even the possibility that she doesn't want him to go to the school where she knows he will be negatively influenced. All of these are understandable thoughts and feelings. What's NOT understandable is how a woman could walk out on her child on national television.

It's one thing to disagree with your child's choice. It's something entirely different to show the world that you have no problem leaving your child's side.


Luckily, Copeland doesn't appear to be too traumatized by his mom's actions.

Though he didn't choose to come to Alabama, he is still receiving much love from Tide fans. Who WOULDN'T show love to a man after he was seemingly abandoned on tv? SMH

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