Via WIAT News

Last Friday around 5 P.M., Birmingham Police responded to a home on the South-side of town. While in the home, they found 11 year-old Nassir Battle unresponsive on his bed with a shallow pulse.

Nassir was transported to the local hospital where he later died.

Investigators went back and spoke to Nassir's mother's boyfriend, Tracy Dickerson, as he was the only adult in the home at the time of call to authorities. Nassir's younger sister who was not hurt,was taken into protective custody by the Department of Human Resources.

That Saturday, the Coroner's Office, said that Nassir's death was determined to be a homicide. Police say Nassir had contusions all over his body.

Yesterday evening, Birmingham police arrested Tracy Dickerson. At this time, he is not being cooperative so no motive is available. Dickerson is charged with capital murder.

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