Some say it’s been long overdue, but finally, Justin Bieber gets clowned by some of your favorite rappers and celebrities during the Comedy Central Roast program on Monday night (March 30).

And boy, was it brutal -- and a little offensive (we're just saying). Of course, with these roasts we have to expect to hear some ribald jokes at Bieber's expense. Not only was the singer getting roasted, the roasters were dissing each other as well.

Funnyman Kevin Hart served as roastmaster and threw a couple of zingers at the pop superstar, mostly about his legal troubles.

Snoop Dogg provided some laughs when he clowned the Biebs. “Now when J-Bird got arrested, he had a big smile on his mug shot. Not because he’s gangsta, because he’s knows what goes on in jail,” he said.

“Now Justin, you so pretty, when the inmates saw your mug shot, they swiped right," he added, referencing the Tinder app, in which swiping right means you like a male or female profile.

Other celebrities like Shaquille O’Neal, Martha Stewart and Ludacris took turns clowning Bieber. However, it was Ms. Stewart who said some eyebrow-raising remarks at Luda.

“I believe the bedroom is the most important room in the house but I don’t have to tell you that Ludacris, you have three kids with three different women,” she said. “May I suggest pulling out and finishing on some fine, highly absorbent Martha Stewart bed linens.”

In the end, it seemed that Justin Bieber had the last laugh.

Watch some clips from the Comedy Central Roast below.

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