Kanye West and Kim Kardashian West had the best Christmas ever. The 40-year-old celebutante went on Instagram Live to show off what her hubby gave her for the holidays and it looks like a great investment.

At first, Kimmy showed viewers that Kanye gave her a box of gift cards from Amazon and Netflix, Apple headphones, a Mickey Mouse doll and a pair of Adidas socks. Those are not bad gifts, but seriously, for Kim, you have to step your game up.

Kim then revealed a second box, in which Kanye bought Kim stock to Amazon, Disney, Netflix, Apple, and Adidas – all of the companies that were in the first gift box.

If you look closely in the video above, one of the Disney stock was valued at over $100,000. So those other stocks have to be near or more than the same value. So Kanye must have given Kimmy at least $200,000-plus in stocks.

Now that’s a huge investment!

Of course, Kanye's most important investment is his family. As you can see in the Christmas photo below, the Wests are having a wonderful holiday season.

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