Some students leave high school and enter college with the thought of not only pledging a Greek fraternity or sorority but also knowing which one they'd like to join. As a matter of fact, pledging is often an incentive to attend college, stay in college, or return to college!

The camaraderie developed during the pledging process and the bonds formed through brotherhood and sisterhood are often lifelong.

In addition to the excitement of the pledges, the highlight for other students on campus, members of other groups, and loved ones is the probate! This is when the newly pledged emerge and are officially publicly recognized as members of their organizations.

One such event will be held in Birthright Auditorium at Stillman College on November 14. At 7:11 p.m., the Epsilon Epsilon Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity will present its "Legacy" line.


Who is on it? You MUST attend to find out first hand! Go ahead and mark your calendars. You don't want to miss this. #FreeNumber5

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