Last night, I was watching the news and heard KEVIN HART stepped down as the host of the Oscars!

Being that I follow him on Instagram, I when straight to my phone! OMG, I couldn't believe it,  just one day after he got the gig.!  He was so excited, as anyone would be!

Things started yesterday morning, when people started bringing up Kevin's controversial, homophobic Tweets from almost a decade ago.

Tweets were found with him saying, quote, "If my son comes home and tries to play with my daughter's doll house, I'm going to break it over his head and say in my voice, 'stop, that's gay."  Which he would use in some routines.

Kevin's argument is that he's "addressed" this before, saying things like how he wouldn't do that kind of comedy anymore because people have become more sensitive. So after this started going viral, Kevin finally deleted some of those old Tweets.

He was on Instagram last night (video) talking about how he's "more mature" now, and that he's a different person, who's changed, grown, and evolved.  He said he's a positive, happy person, who loves everybody. He also said the world is "beyond crazy," and that people are just searching for reasons to be outraged.

Kevin posted another video saying that they'd called him and demanded that he apologize, or they'd find another host.  But he said he would NOT say he was sorry, even if it meant that he lost this DREAM gig.  He said, quote, "If it goes away, no harm, no foul."


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