It's been nearly two weeks since fast food fans first raised the alarm: KFC restaurants in the UK were running out of chicken.The chicken shortage, which was caused by a logistics snafu, forced hundreds of restaurants to temporarily close. The chain apologized to outraged customers.But the crisis has not yet been fully resolved.

Lettuce was in short supply on Thursday, but customers also complained on social media about a lack of corn and of all things...gravy

KFC said,

Gravy is available in the vast majority of our restaurants but a few may not have it owing to the ongoing distribution challenges DHL is experiencing

Last week, the chain used a full-page ad in newspapers to apologize for shutting down hundreds of restaurants because it ran out of chicken.

The bright red advertisement showed an empty bucket with the chain's initials scrambled to say "FCK" on it, alongside an apology.

KFC also said,

A chicken restaurant without any chicken. It's not ideal. Huge apologies to our customers, especially those who traveled out of their way to find we were closed

In a light-hearted statement on its website informing consumers about the problems, the restaurant said:

The chicken crossed the road, just not to our restaurants.

It had closed many outlets, KFC said, because it would not compromise on quality.

If that doesn't beat all....KFC with NO chicken, and running out of gravy....What's next?

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