Khalid is having a phenomenal year, so far. The rapper-singer had a top 10 hit with “Location” and recently nabbed a MTV VMA trophy. Following his cameo on Lorde’s “Homemade Dynamite (Remix),” the 19-year-old artist released a new song called “Perfect.”

Fair warning: it’s a sad tune, but it sounds great nonetheless. According to Khalid, it’s just “a song from the soul” and he wanted his fans to hear it.

Strumming on his acoustic guitar, Khalid sings about being lonely and striving to be perfect. “I’ve been on my own for a long time, “I’m feeling kind of lonely / Nothing’s fun when I’m the only one out here who knows me," he sings, adding, "Something stopping from a becoming a better person I could try to pace myself but I don't think it's worth it."

Khalid said that he will probably not release a polish version of the song. “I’m probs gonna leave it at rough draft,” he said. “The first song I released was a rough draft on SoundCloud. I’m leaving this on SoundCloud as well. Thank you guys, love you.”

Khalid is currently on the road. You can catch him performing live in concert on Saturday (Sept. 23) in Las Vegas. To check out his itinerary, head over to

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