I remember when I was a child, my Mom use to go through my candy, which of course, I thought she was doing it to make sure all the was safe but then, I'd noticed all the "good" candy would be missing.   Yeah, she was getting allll the good candy!  Lol, I did the same to my kids!

According to a new poll, 86% of parents have secretly STOLEN some of their kids' Halloween candy before.  And the average parent who raids their kid's stash ends up eating a QUARTER of their candy.

44% of parents actually expect to eat MORE candy than their kids this year.  That includes what they steal, plus any leftover candy they don't hand out to trick-or-treaters.

Here are three more stats from the survey:


1.  40% of people say they enjoy Halloween as adults more than they did as kids.  Just over a third say it's because THEY get to decide how much candy they can eat, and no one can stop them.

2.  58% of adults try to limit how much candy they eat on Halloween night.  That's compared to 75% of parents who limit the amount of candy their kids eat.

3.  73% of us intentionally buy more candy than we need for trick-or-treaters, just to make sure there's plenty left over.

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