As my daughter grows, she is taking more interest into the things I did as a child. When she finds a show she likes, she wants to know if I watched it.  She wants to know if I liked the same toys she liked. And now, we've found ourselves singing the same music.

I heard her singing New Edition's "Mr. Telephone Man" around the house and asked her how she knew the song. She said that she sang it with her friends. Well, I stopped in on her at Summer Impact Day Camp, and when I heard the children singing, I decided to capture the moment.

She and my nieces are often heard singing older songs around the house.  But when they started singing along to "Ms. Jackson" by Outkast....

And then, I learned the source of their new interest.


They also love "Crazy" by The Boys.


Regardless of how they're learning older songs, I'm enjoying having these bonding moments with young people!

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