There's a video sweeping through social media, and it's downright disrespectful!

First of all, the video is an instructional guide to making Kool Aid. WHO needs directions for that?

If it's not bad enough to have an instructional guide for making Kool Aid, it's being called flavor dust in its dry form and fresh juice when water is added... And water is the ONLY thing added, which leads to the second point!

Since when is Kool Aid without sugar satisfying to anybody?  Certainly an extremely thirsty person would rather drink plain water than this waste of both product and clean water.

Last but not least, since when is a bowl a suitable unit of measurement?  A cup is a cup. Eight fluid ounces is eight fluid ounces. A pint is a pint. A gallon is a gallon.  But a bowl?  A bowl could be 12 ounces, half a gallon, any unit in between or even more.



Now, being called flavor dust could possibly be forgiven because there are other brands of packets to which water is added to form a suitable drink, but no sugar and using a bowl as a unit of measurement? Nah. Throw away the whole recipe.

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