Ok, maybe he thought he was sending his son a private message? Even if it was suppose to be a private message, it wasn't cool! 


So, lil Boosie decided to wish his son Tootie Raw n Happy Birthday on Instagram. While doing that, he promised that Tootie's dropping a mixtape soon but also promised his son this...

Lil Boosie promised him a bag of money and "a bad bitch to give u some head."

His son is 14, the internet is sounding off, what do you think?

Since then, Lil Boosie is has went back online saying he was just clownin, he said he wasn't REALLY going to get a woman to give his son oral sex. Also the 14-year-old kid doesn't need any help hooking up with chicks.

Glad you cleared that up...you know you could catch a case by doing that, right?